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Skull Tales is a miniatures board game about pirate´s adventures.

Choose a pirate among the six available classes; Sea-Dog, Cutthroat, Lookout, Doctor, Gunner and Voodoo Shaman. Board the adventure of exploring the Caribbean Sea. Fight weird sea creatures, ghostly beings, or fearsome Royal Marines; sail in search of loot to gain the confidence of your crew and thus preventing mutiny, achieve the greatest prestige as a pirate; become the captain of your own ship.


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1 November, 2014

This token stands for those wounds suffered by the characters. When a character collects as many wound tokens as those indicated in his/her sheet; the […]


26 May, 2015

ADVENTURE PHASE Alpha Rulebook Skull Tales by SkullTales VOYAGE PHASE Voyage Phase – Alpha Rulebook Skull Tales by SkullTales PORT PHASE Port Phase – Alpha […]


9 April, 2015

What may characters do during the adventure phase? Characters may spend their Action Points (AP) to move over the tile maps, fight, explore…, by using […]


14 March, 2015



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