Character’s Sheet



CLASSES: this defines the kind of character you choose.


ACTION POINTS: These are the points that a character has at his/her disposal to perform actions & movements. When a character takes damage, you lose 1 AP until his/her full health recovery.


WOUNDS: the total impacts a character can resist before being KO.


DESTINATION: these points are wild dice. They can be used for a simple/complete reroll, for recovering from an injury point or also for winning an extra action (till + 3AP). Those points may be used at any playing time without cost of AP, but only one point for every turn. A character can never exceed the number of destination points (DP) indicated in his/her sheet.


PRESTIGE: the fame the character acquires which, along with his/her CHARM, will allow him/her to be chosen as the ship’s Master in case of mutiny. Moreover, those points are exchangeable for skills.


CC: Those dice which are rolled by any character in close contact attacks with (Short-range weapons).


RC: Those dice which are rolled by any character who attacks with firearms or throwing weapons (Long-range weapons).


AGILITY: This is mainly used as the defense that an enemy attack must overcome on their rolls; and also for performing those actions which are related to the character’s agility.


STRENGTH: This represents those dice which are rolled at the SRW unarmed combat, and this is also used for PUSH and THROW actions.


INTELLIGENCE: This is used to solve puzzles and actions related to intelligence.


SKILLS: Characters have two types of skills; one related to the Journey, and another one for personal use throughout the adventures.



STANDARD EQUIPMENT: those weapons and equipment with which the character begins each adventure.


SALARY: the value to be paid by the Captain among adventures. In case the Captain couldn’t pay it, he’d subtract his moral to the moral of the whole crew.


CHARM: This represents those dice with which the character may bid for the crew support in order to be erected as the Captain of the crew. The captain also can use them to recover the moral of the whole crew . Roll 1d6 per each charm point (PC) you spent, and add this to the moral of the whole crew. To recover from lost PC, you can do this after bidding for becoming the Master or also after paying 100 extra coins as salary.


MORAL: Moral support points added to the moral of the whole crew.


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