Enemy´s Sheet



It tells how many square spaces an enemy may move in the map tile.

Agility, Strenght and Inteligence.

The same as the characters, enemies have the above characteristics whenever they oppose characters, it may be through either actions or skills.


It is the amount of wounds an enemy may suffer before being defeated. Once an enemy has taken the amount of wounds indicated on his sheet, its miniature is removed and then replaced by a Token of Fallen Enemy.


It is the amount of prestige that a character earn after defeating this enemy. The player who defeated this enemy will increase his prestige as many positions as the number indicated here in this icon.


Whenever a character carries out an “Search” action on a fallen enemy, he / she will receive equal number of coins to the value indicated on this icon.


Whenever different types of enemies are being present in the same turn, they should be activated as per the iniciatives given on their sheets, on this icon.

CC and RC

These are the values to be used in combat by enemies. Some enemies may use two different combat actions; Ranged Combat (RC) and Close Combat (CC). Rules will tell us when to use either.


Enemies have one or more skills than they could use during combat or interact with characters.


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