Last Saturday, we played our game with 12 years old children, whose experience in games was based on the Game of the Goose, Chess or Monopoly. They enjoyed a lot, getting into the pirate role from the very beginning. The children perfectly understood the mechanics of action points, and the rest was pretty intuitive.


The adventure we chose this time was the same that we have designed for the presentation of our game at different shops. Our pirates had to seize the treasure of Yemaya, the goddess of the sea. This treasure was a pearl which might be the size of a human head, which is not only invaluable to markets, but also it has magical properties that could cause natural disasters if this falls in the wrong hands.

As if that were not enough, the British soldiers are also on the island with the same intention. It was a mission for only the most courageous, and we had the opportunity to be witnesses of such an epic deed.

The Sea Dog, the Lookout, the Cutthroat, and the Doc fought bravely the English soldiers, overcoming several tests needed to take the Yemaya pearl out of the island and also finding a way out before the bulk of the British troops could access the island.


Once the game was finished, everyone agreed that time flew really fast for them (2 hours, including the presentation of the game through these images).


From here, we would like to thank Luis, Marcos, Julia and Muhamma for participating, and also thank their families for allowing us to share those moments in our website.

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