Update, February 10th, 2015

Pirate´s life, the best! HoHoHo After holidays, we are back with a new update. We start introducing different miniature designs; Doctor, Seadog and the new redesign of our Cutthroat. We remiind you that all these renders and images are work in progress subject to changes. And now we go to explain you some fighting rules, we trust you will enjoy […]

Update, December 21th, 2014

Lower sails landlubbers! We give you a new update. As every week, we show some of our progresses on this project, and we start with a new re-design of an enemy plastic figure, the Royal Marine. And we continue on with some rules and graphical examples. Back to our last update we explained some of the actions a Player Character […]

Update, December 09th, 2014

Greetings Pirates! This week we give you more news. We re-designing all our 3D models of the plastic figures we have shown you so far. Please see below and compare old render with the new one. Do you find plenty of differences? As we mentioned previously, we will be explaining some of the rules and game playing within the coming […]

Update, December 08th, 2014

Greetings Pirates, After a couple of weeks working hard, we are back on the Seas of Internet to give you our lastest update with plenty of news. We commence by introducing two new miniatures to you; Cuthroat and Gecarcinus. Please see below some designs. We have redesigned the sheets of our characters again to provide them with an appareance more […]