Skull Tales is a pirates’ adventures board game in which players play semi-collaboratively taking the role of one character among the 6 existing ones; The Sea Dog, The Assassin, The Gunner, The Doctor, The Voodoo Shaman and The Look-out. Embark in the adventure of exploring the Caribean Sea. Fight weird sea creatures, creepy unnatural beings such as skeletons or dammed ones, or face the fearsome Royal Marines. Sail in search of loots and attain the greatest achievements as pirate; become the captain of your own ship.

4Moon Studio is developing this semi-cooperative board game for 1 to 4 players, and it is planned to be launched through crowd-funding (kickstarter) on April / May 2015 (estimated date),

Players explore islands, villages, caves and temples during their quests and adventures, with the purpose of getting gold, prestige and attaining captaincy of the crew. They will also have to fight a well assorted bunch of possible enemies, from Royal Marines, indigenes or bounty hunters, etc. to those enemies of a more creepy unnatural nature such as skeletons, dammed ones, or Sea Abominations.

Thanks to the IA created for this game, every adventure will always be totally different from previous ones. The game uses a modular board, with a random generating system of tiles that will ensure an unlimited re-playability, enemies’ decisions and places where we meet them.

Skull Tales game is divided in 3 sub-game phases; Adventures Phase, Sailing Phase and Harbour Phase.


1.- Adventures Phase

It is truly the most important phase of the game, where players face both challenges and quests driven by a campaign.

Every character has a different set of skills that defines his/her personality and the strategy during the game. As players increase their prestige and personal loots, they will be able to acquire new equipment, as well as gaining new skills to develop their characters and make them more capable towards new challenges.


2.- Sailing Phase

Once characters have managed to finish successfully an adventure, they will go sailing to their pirate haven.
During this phase, the captain will lead the crew to their destination through the obstacles that they may encounter in their path, such as coastguard, sea monsters or weather conditions. Also, this phase will be the perfect opportunity to board any merchant ship for a good loot to pay the crew, enhance the boat, or hire new crew members.
And that without forgetting the most important aspect of this phase; crew Morale, as a mutiny originated due to discontent of the crew would put an end to your command as captain, promoting another player to the captain´s position.


3.- Harbour Phase.

It is basically a managing phase, captain may hire new crew members and enhance his boat, while the rests of players may acquire new equipment and skills for their characters.




Skull Tales is a thematic game, and during its development we are cherishing it, we are putting a lot of our attention in every single detail, and we expect you to fully dive in this universe of pirates´ adventures.

Lastly, we 4Moon Studio have come out with this ambitious project, ambitious yes, although it is also very attractive for us as professionals, and we are putting a lot of efforts and time on it.
However, we need a key factor here, your support for this project. Without you, Skull Tales will never manage to bring its adventures to your tables. Having said so, we would like to ask you for your help in the form of spreading the project out, sharing it on internet and increasing its visibility on the network and its reach, and also by giving us your opinios and suggestions to improve the project. We need your thoughts about this project to make it better.