25th August 1703

It still smells like burning gunpowder. The deck is completely full of remains of combat after the boarding. We could be enjoying our looting in Isla Tortuga but our Captain insisted on coming to this goddamned island instead.

In the meantime, our gunner ‘Mad’ Harry does not stop telling us stories and legends about some fantastic creatures that dwell in this place. The Doctor seems uneasy, grabbing the hilt of his sword, sweating a lot more than usual after listening to Harry’s tales.

-Old Sanders lost his leg after having cut it himself. He escaped alive from the jaws of that shark-headed abomination in human form …- Harry was explaining at the same time he was miming with all his body doing so, acting out the scene with his eyes moving all directions as if they were about to jump off his face, in a way of magnifying the facts.

-I would not like to lose my leg…or my arm, or any other limb from my body. I appreciate every single limb and organ of mine- was murmuring the Doctor who was more and more nervous. –Do you think there will be more monstrosities like those?

The conversation was interrupted by the sound of two swords pulling out from their sheath together with the cracking in the wood due to a firm step. It was the ruthless Mary Jane who, with a satisfied smile in her face, expressed her wish. –That’s what I’m looking for…

…and jumping overboard, quick Mary Jane gracefully fell on the boat which would lead us upon landing at the shore.

Just after landing at the shore, “Mad” Harry grabbed his blunderbuss and started running and then shouting: -Get back, bilge rats, the chest will be mine!-Despite being a pot-bellied giant, he ran like the Devil was behind him, getting lost in the dark woods.

While the doctor was examining the undergrowth which bordered the beach, as if this were a wall of defense, two redcoats fell on him. Without any time to prepare my musket to come in aid of the poor doctor, Mary Jane had already taken care of breaking their necks.

– Are you gonna stay there taking notes all day? – She asked with her mocking smile.

Then I fired my musket over 30 meters away in distance. The bullet pierced Mary Jane’s bandana which was tied to her neck, also taking away some locks of her jet black hair, and impacting on another redcoat who was hidden in the bushes.

-No, I was just thinking that I was never aware of the color of your eyes …- I replied this way, regretting my words. She levelled a deadly look at me that will stay inside my head until my last days…

Doc knelt down to register the redcoats’ dead bodies. While I was reloading my musket, I noticed that Mary Jane was missing after having ventured into the dense vegetation.

I ran like the Devil was behind me, searching for the Crystal Skull exact location because that item could grant me being the Master of “The Lady of the South”; if and when none of my ambitious colleagues finds it before me.

A loud noise of branches was mingled with Mary Jane’s yell, who was cursing her bad luck. This was a net trap which had the scary Cutthroat hanging in the air. But she could take care of herself, and I had to attend a meeting with the skull and my destiny.

Freeze! – It resounded after the weeds. From my position I could tell that they were at least a couple of redcoats and their officer.

When the cold metal of a pistol was put against my temple, I suspected my position was not covered enough.

Then I was led to the same open space where my other two colleagues, Doc & Mary Jane, also were there. They were knelt down on the floor, accompanied by four redcoats and their officer.
Looks like I’m losing my touch. Caught and discovered.

It’s amazing how many thoughts can go through one’s mind when one sees the end coming…

Williams the Lookout’s logbook.