Update, December 08th, 2014

Greetings Pirates,

After a couple of weeks working hard, we are back on the Seas of Internet to give you our lastest update with plenty of news.

We commence by introducing two new miniatures to you; Cuthroat and Gecarcinus. Please see below some designs.



We have redesigned the sheets of our characters again to provide them with an appareance more affined to a pirates´ world. We have also rearranged some icons on those sheets so they are now in neat groups more closely related to the phase of the game they are used in.

We add two new characters that will be availabe on the basic boardgame along Sea Dog and Cuthroat; Look-out and Doctor.




From the enemy´s side, we bring you the Officer that will lead the Royal Marines. Beware of them!

We are currently working on the final design of enemy´s sheets, we show you below some examples of how things are going on so far.



Finally, we would like to share with all you our tiles for adventures where characters will move, fight, carry out different actions, etc… This week we bring you five different example of tiles which you may use on your future pirates´ adventures, each of them with their different features and terrains. We will go into more details in coming updates.






Within the coming weeks we will be uploading some game rules as well as some graphic examples, and pretty soon we should be able to show you our first manufactured minatures.

A pirate´s greeting … and sail-well!


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