Update, December 21th, 2014

Lower sails landlubbers! We give you a new update.

As every week, we show some of our progresses on this project, and we start with a new re-design of an enemy plastic figure, the Royal Marine.



And we continue on with some rules and graphical examples. Back to our last update we explained some of the actions a Player Character (PC) may do, and now we will go through other actions, leaving for the next update the action “Attack”.


Explore (2AP); A PC may Search a tile square once per turn, however tile square must be free of enemies and character must not have any adjacent enemy as well. To Search, character must do a difficulty roll dice 4 against INTELIGENCE, if he succeeds then he will draw one card from the Exploration Deck. If PC does not succeed, he will advance one position on the Adventures Board.



On the first square space, Doctor can not Search as there is an enemy on that very space. On the second example, an enemy is adjacent to Doctor so he can not Search even though his space is empty (free of enemy). On the last example, Doctor Searches by spending 2AP and rolls 4 dices (his Inteligence value) and succeds on the difficulty 4 dice roll, thus drawing one card from the Exploration Deck.


Search (1AP);  when a character is adjacent to a fallen enemy, he may perform a Search action by spending 1AP to search this enemy and get his loot


Lookout is adjacent to a token of fallen enemy. He decides to Search (1AP) and flips faceup the token, finding 2 coins that will go to his personal loot.


Reload gun (3AP); After a gun is fired, flip its card facedown to show this gun must be reloaded prior using it again. This action allows you to Reload your gun and flip the weapon card faceup, it is now ready to be used again.


Lookout uses his gun to Attack RC (Range Combat)  by speding 2AP, flips his gun card facedown to indicate its unloaded, and during the same turn, he spend 3AP to Reload his gun, flipping the card back faceup to show weapon is ready to be used again.


Catch my breath; you may choose spend your whole turn without spending any AP in exchange for one Destiny Point. This action will move on the counter (Pirate Flag) 1 space on the Adventures Board.


Doctor finds a good moment to leave his turn go away without spending any AP and seizes this opportunity to recover 1 Destinity Point (DP).


Run; a characer may double his movement if he spends all his AP of a turn on this action, and he could perform a Push action by spending 1AP.



Lookout Runs to reach the next tile map by spending all his 6AP, moving 12 spaces. He asks for permision to Sea Dog to go through that space and Sea Dog does not grant it, so Lookout decides to spend 1AP to perform a Push action and succeds on it. Sea Dog is moved one space and Lookout goes on with his movement, although after having spent 1AP on pushing, he can only move  a maximum of 10 spaces.


Insult (1AP); a character adjacent to one or more enemies may perform this action if this would be his last action on this turn. Character gains 1D6 defense against adjacent enemies until next turn (it is recommended characters rolplay their characters by making a good use of  “kind of pirate insults” to make game funnier.


Cutthroat has spent 5AP and there is just one AP left to use, so character decides to make good use of it and Insult an adjancent Gecarcinus, gaining 1D6 defense on his next defence against this enemy.


Catch/Use/Release (1AP); sometimes it will be needed to be able to catch some items, release them or use them.




Sea Dog is wounded, he spends 1AP to Use Brew, and it removes 2 wounds, and card is discarded.


In the next update, we will go into more detail on Combat and related examples. We wish you enjoined this updated and we are looking forward for your comments, your thoughts are of great value to us.


Pirates Greetings and Sail-well!



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