Update, February 10th, 2015

Pirate´s life, the best! HoHoHo

After holidays, we are back with a new update. We start introducing different miniature designs; Doctor, Seadog and the new redesign of our Cutthroat. We remiind you that all these renders and images are work in progress subject to changes.

And now we go to explain you some fighting rules, we trust you will enjoy them and let us know any doubt or suggestion you might have through usual media (this website, BGG, etc).


There are 3 types of attacks; Close Combat or Melee (CC) with weapons, Ranged attack (RA) and combat without weapons (CWW).

Close Combact or Melee (CC)

Character must wield a weapon with at least one hand and enemy must be adjacent to the character. Character rolls as many dices as his CC value, any result greater than enemy´s Agility is a sucess. Enemy do the same using his CC value against character´s Agility,
At the end, if the attacker (in this case the character) has more sucess than the defender (enemy) then the defender suffers the damage of the weapon. If the defender gets equal or more sucess than the attacker nothing happens, unless there is any special ability or skill that may apply, and the defender manages to block or dodge the attack.

Doctor wields his sword to attack a Royal Marine who has Agility 2. Doctor CC value is 3 so he rolls 3 dices, getting 2, 4 and 5 against Agility 2, thus Doctor manages to get 2 sucess.

Then the Royal Marine rolls 2 dices (his CC value is 2) and gets 3 and 4. Doctor´s Agility is 3, which means the Royal Marine gets only one sucess (4). Comparing Doctor´s sucesses (2) versus Royal Marine sucess (1), character succeeds on this attack and the Royal Marine suffers the damage of the sword, in this case 2 wounds.


Given the Royal Marine may only suffer two wounds, he falls, his miniature is removed and a token of fallen enemy is placed.


Ranged Combat (RC)

A character may perform an action of Ranged Combat if he has equipped a ranged weapon and enemy is within range. Player must verify that there is a valid line of sight for shooting by tracing a straight line from the center of the square space where the plastic miniature is, to the center of the targeted square.


In RC we use character´s RC value versus the enemy´s agility. A character may never perform a RC against an adjacent enemy.


Lookout uses his pistol to perform a RC action against a Royal Marine. He has 3 RC dices, after rolling them, he gets 1, 2 and 5, so just one sucess as only the 5 is greater than Royal Marine´s agility.


ARanged attack is succesful and the Royal Marine suffers the pistol damage (2 wounds) so enemy is KO and its miniature is replaced by a token of fallen enemy.



Characters may use throwing weapons. Reach is given by Character´s Strengh and the action requires a dice rolls using RC value versus targeted enemy´s Agility.
Anytime a weapon is thrown, a token of throw weapon is placed on the space to where it has been launched. Character must discard weapon card until he can spend an action point (AP) to pick it up when being adjancent to the token.


Seadog has two Royal Marines in the same map tile, one is 3 squares away while the other is a bit further away at 4 squares. Seadog´s Strengh is 3 so he could not reach the Royal Marine at 4 squares away and thus he decides to Throw his axe to the other Royal Marine within reach at 3 squares away.


Combat Without Weapons (CWW)

Yes, hand to hand combat, similar to CC, except that Character uses his Strenght and uses his CC value. Character rolls as many dices as his CSA value against enemy´s Agility, If Character suceeds, enemy does not suffers wounds as in CC but is Stunned. A Character without weapons defends with 1D6.



A Stunned Character / enemy loses his next turn if he does not manage to succed on a Dificulty 5 Strengh Dice Roll.

Seadog has just thrown his axe and does not have any equipped CC weapon, he decides to hit the adjacent Royal Marine, after the dice rolls Strengh versus CC, Seadog manages to stun the Royal Marine. To show the stunned condition the plastic figure is placed lying down. At the beginning of the enemies turn, the Royal Marine rolls as many dices as his Strengh to try getting over his stunned condition. Royal Marine´s Strengh is 2, so he rolls 2 dices and needs at least one 5 to succeeds. He gets 2 and 4, so he continue being stunned until the end of this turn, recovering himself without any further dice rolls at the beginning of the next turn. The plastic miniature is left lying down to show the stunned condition. A Stunned Character may only do one action; defend himself from attacks.



Any time a Character suffers a wound with Poison he is considered Poisoned, a Poison token is placed on Character sheet. At the beginning of the turn, Character must do a dice roll using his Strengh to get at least one 5 or 6, otherwise he fails the dice roll and receives one wound.
A Poisoned Character will remain as Poisoned until; another Character uses a Health skill, spend a Brew, or manage to succeeds on his Strengh dice rolls against the poison (difficulty 5).


Combos (double attacks)

If a Character has a weapon in each of his hands he may attack more than once if he has enough AP to do so. In this case it is important to know if Character is right handed, left handed or ambidextrous.
Characters use as main hand the same as the controlling player. If player is right handed, character is right handed as well.
There are skills that allow Character to be Ambidextrous. Right handed and left handed Characters attacks first with their main hand, and the second hand with the secondary hand. In case of not being Ambidextrous, the second attack with the secondary hand has a -1 dice penalty to the CC/RC.


Seadog spends 2 AP and perform a CC attack with his axe to the adjancent Royal Marine. As Perico the player who controls the character, is right handed, the character is right handed. The axe card is in the right side of Character´s spreadsheet, so the character is wielding the axe with his main hand and he can use 3 dices (his full CC value).



Seadog is wielding a pistol with his left hand (secondary hand), and after the action with the axe Seadog wants to do another Attack action with the pistol, this time RC with a value of 3, but as the pistol is on the secondary hand, there is a penalty of -1 dice, therefore he may only use 2 dices to attack,


Finally, Perico decides to spend his 2 remaining AP to carries out another CC attack with his axe, using his CC value as the axe is on his main hand.

A Character equipped with just one weapon may perform more than one attack per turn if he spends 1 extra AP for the additional attack and with a -1D6 penalty to his CC value; or as an option Character may perform another action in between attacks to avoid the extra 1 AP and -1D6 penalty. Attacking with the secondary hand counts as an action to prevent penalties.


So these are some of the actions our pirates may do, offering endless possibilities and strategies throroughout the adventure. We trust it was not too much info at once, and we will see you on these seas as we still have plenty of things to share with you.


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